This site was built with the splendid Hydejack Jekyll theme, which I can’t recommend enough for its clean style and masterful, lucid documentation.

My favicon is lifted from the Infinifig logo we developed for our Platform for Hosting Infinite Generativity. The little Danny-avatar that shows up at the end of my posts and the top of my resume is art from Snow in October, a comic strip I co-wrote in undergrad with my much more artistic roommate, Geoff Core.

The bottled giraffe in the navigation bar is a product of DALL·E and my wife’s request for a “renaissance still life painting of a tiny giraffe inside a water-filled crystal decanter with its head poking out the top”, handily enough. It replaces an earlier, much-loved implementation of Clearing Up—Coast of Sicily by Andreas Achenbach (1847), shown below for posterity.