Version Control and Bullet Steering Behaviour Upgrade

Version control is good*. The repo is public now that this devlog is public and my portfolio is public. It’s all out in the open.

I learned about steering behaviours and adapted code from the excellent tutorial videos by Sam Spade.

A solid evening: I started by implementing version control using GitHub Desktop, so I now have a private repository doing its thing and keeping track of my changes. It’ll be much safer to make radical updates to my code, as I can do it in branches, with diffs… All the lovely things.

I implemented steering behaviours in the powerups so that they seek the player in a less slingshotty way, and gave them a single void transit to make them less feel-baddy (addressing Geoff’s suggestions). Powerups have golden sparkles that turn silver after that first transit, and will fade in and out as well to show that they’re especially ephemeral.

Bullets would be a good thing to add steering behaviours to next. I’m scared to do it to the player because I’m afraid of how it’ll affect the physics, but I’ll get around to it—it’ll be necessary to implement fighters with AI that tracks the player’s current vector.

I’m just thinking, with projectiles steering-behavioured, I could have fighters that evade shots by looking-ahead on shot vectors based on speed. That’ll be fun.