Working Towards Multiplayer Capability

Christmas with family is apparently no excuse not to have grand plans.

Multiplayer is implemented now, in the future, but isn’t selectable yet because an options interface and multiple controller support isn’t ready. But I’ve played the game through with fifteen ships all responding to my controls, all with different powerup inventories and scores, and it’s a thing of beauty.

P.S.: Merry Christmas Eve from one year in the future, it turns out.

Remember for when I get back:

  • Have the shoot function pass self as the final argument so that the get_random_powerup will know whose inventory to check.
  • Have the capsules derive from a base capsule, with only the particular collection to be selected from being changed. I’m also shifting the drop details into the be_killed() function, to keep the Destroy script clear.
  • Loop back to continue giving player entities their own powerups_inventory.
  • Check to see if anything calls revert_to_base_stats and disable/reroute it.

2021-12-27 11:12 PM Working through a massive soup of changes and knock-on effects of trying to implement multi-player and unify entities further. I’ve got faction-based bullets working, and I think I just fixed random powerup drops (prioritizing the inventory of the killer of the capsule/enemy, otherwise selecting at random to decide whether shields/points replace the drop). I need to leave it here tonight, but the next bubble to fix is the powerup-collect function for getting shields, which seems to be broken (hopefully, not all powerup-collects are broken).

… Fixed and fixed.