Non-Fatal Shielded Impacts

It turns out controls are menus are way less exciting to work on than EVERYTHING ELSE…

11:15pm Welp, following on the heels of pushing the multiplayer foundations (I just need to add multiple controls; the game itself seems to run with multiple players just fine, as best I could test it), I’ve implemented ship-shield impact physics. This grew in scope until it became a be_impacted function for all entities (rather than a special case for the player), leading to dealing damage back to the impactee. Gameplay-wise, in addition to feeling more reasonable, the player can now “ram” weaker/damaged enemies (like gravel) to clear them out if sufficiently shielded.

The game is easier, and I may pull out some of the shield-drops to compensate.

Controls don’t seem too difficult to implement; I’ll try to do those next, and then maybe the menu system.