Beam-Attack Optimization and Point-Defence

This morning, I function’d the draw_beam for reuse across multiple beam weapons and gave the beam-drawing instances a lifetime, fading out their beams over the duration. The effect is to create a neat wavy web-effect for not much more memory consumption (and there doesn’t SEEM to be any leakage). I built out the point-defence beam as a shot-only countermeasure (won’t target ships as currently written). It occurs to me, I should move all the targeting logic into the function that calls it, since I already have the _shooter and can get factions from there. I made the shots dark red and orange, and they look GORGEOUS.

Shield-drain next when I have time: I think, rather than making and deleting particles every couple of steps, I’ll try it with an invisible projectile that fires from the target to the shooter and trails blue spots—see how that looks, rather than a rain of spots. Maybe.