Visual Evidence of Shields, Finally

A visual signifier of shields had been difficult to implement before I learned a bit more about blending modes because when only using the default mode that averaged values, any blue “shield glow” would cause the entity to darken significantly. Using an additive blending mode worked well because the highlights would only get brighter (if bluer).

I saw a YouTube video on blending modes and realized I could do a shield-glow without darkening the target using bm_add, so I’ve implemented that on all entities, and it looks great. I’ve got a slight pulse to it, and the radius extends a bit further if the shields are fuller.

Had a couple of ideas:

  • Have some greyscale bullet animations, and then tint them using that additive blending mode depending on the faction’s colour. That way, I can use different animations as I like across multiple things (including possibly players).
  • Implement controls using a plugin that Shaun Spalding was highlighting. Should be quick, and a big boost towards local multiplayer.
  • Gotta do SOMETHING about the power-shot effect. I might try blurring it, and seeing what the impact is.

Boop boop.