Better Seeking-Shot Powerup Animation and Ideas

I had a few minutes, so I improved the animation of the seek-shot powerup. Looks much more distinctive, now.

Some ideas I had:

  • Backgrounds: have large versions of asteroids (and possibly other entities) floating around with a colour filter and maybe blur/haze in front, if possible. Maybe have a background director object that knows how many entities to float in the background at once dependent on a given level, and what those objects should be (so, things get more robotic as we get into asterdroids, droids, etc.). Have the entities die after one transition so that the director can gradually shift the contents. (Probably impossible, but how cool would it be to have a lighting system in place so that the gaps between the asteroids cast rays…)
  • Asterdroid random-generation: I was thinking about this for a while – have base asteroids that can host multiple random droid modules (shields, static guns of varying intelligence/power), and then a random loadout system. It would be a good way to build the skills I’d need for my battle platforms, and it would add a whole bunch of interest to those things.
    • Modules could have “head” and “feet” array properties containing any number of coordinate pairs local to the module. When randomly plunking a module on the asteroid’s surface, it could go through the arrays and ensure that the feet are overlapping the host and the head(s) are not. That way, shield modules could be stuck anywhere, but guns could always be pointing outwards (and be killable).
    • A module for a lightning rod/radio-tower that checks to see if it’s ever pointing at the head of another similar module (on a different host). Whenever it is, it’ll create a killing beam between them. Very excited to try this.