Socratic Dialogue: Gamma

Socratic Dialogue: Gamma

The Fire of Alexandria by Hermann Göll (1876)

I had the privilege to attend two seminars at OISE with John Portelli between 2009 and 2010, exploring philosophical (rather than practical) issues and values in Education. Leaning on Dr. Portelli’s indulgence and patience (and maybe, curiosity?), I submitted my final assignment for Critical Issues: Philosophical Perspectives in Education as a Socratic dialogue. This was roughly contemporary with the closing of Textbook Torrents, a semi-private BitTorrent tracker run specifically to support students through the sharing of required texts, and was an event that had affected me deeply at the time.

The process of exploring complexities entirely in dialogue was a refreshing challenge, but I asked to do it mostly because the form offered an ideal vehicle to let the frustrated and angry voices in my head escape.

Gamma (PDF)