Powerups and Shield Recovery

This was the beginning of powerups: I implemented random drops and drop-rates on enemies, and in anticipation of spinning this feature out in multiple directions, I tried to universalize it as early as possible with the base class and a roster from which randomly-generated powerups might be selected (even though only shields were available at the moment).

2021-10-15 5:11 PM Built a shields powerup sprite that looks pretty fly. I’m modelling it after a thin glass tube with a characteristic colour inside, and an accelerating flash that blinks brightly when it hits the end of the tube. Other powerups can be different colours, but also different shapes of glass. When the player’s ship is destroyed, all powerups can fly out gradually from the flashpoint, and will be non-collectible while the player is still spawning in (I figure).

2021-10-15 11:31 PM I implemented a base powerup object and created the shields version of it, as well as a space for a weighted drop-table to exist, and added a drop percentage value to all enemies. Drops are working well, the shields powerup is functioning (and looks gorgeous), and there’s lots of space to move forward with new ones.