Straight-Flyer Archetype, Formation Spawning, and Asterdroids

I still haven’t taken advantage of the straight-flyer base class since creating the two existing enemies, but there are lots of possibilities. A droid that very gently seeks the player would probably add plenty of interest…

I also officially added asterdroids – enemies that resembled augmented asteroids and given a limited selection of features normally found on the more complicated droid enemies: here, a large asteroid with a bunch of shield modules, and a small asteroid with an embedded cannon that starts to fly in crazy patterns as a result of having recoil but no correcting engines. My hope was to gradually introduce these enemy features to the player and then transition to full-on droids that leveraged many of the upgrades at once.

At the time of this writing, I’m working on adding randomized modules to base asteroids so, hopefully soon, we’ll have all kinds of neat things.

Over the last two or three days, I rejiggered the base objects to provide a base “engine” droid for straight-flyers/correctors, of which the two straight-shooting droids are members. I added in asterdroids to introduce shields and shooting, and build really nifty V- and Starburst-formation functions for the spawner. Pushed all the malarkey, and I’m up to 19 waves, now.

I have seeking bullets in mind as well as turret platforms I want to try building, with gun emplacement objects hewing to mobile enemies. I might want to use pub-sub for that, or just have the platform spawn and link up with subordinate emplacements.

I also want to look at building power bars for injured player/enemies to show shield regeneration and enemy toughness.