Powerup Capsules and Grand Plans

These capsules functioned as little treasure chests and would eventually be used as resting-points between waves.

More importantly, though, I articulated here a whole bunch of ideas that had been floating around, like the shooter-style of droid and the more deliberate and organized system of enemy types that I’m still working with today: Asteroids, Asterdroids, Droids.

2021-10-24 12:55 PM (Plans) Had a moment to tool around, so I’ve built some powerup capsules that function like little asteroids but are guaranteed to drop a powerup from the indicated pool. I also updated powerup physics to have them seek the player with increasing intensity based on proximity, so they’re much easier not to miss now.

I was thinking about setting an auto-disintegrate feature on dropped powerups after losing a life, but after setting the powerups to fly out randomly (rather than their usual pattern of drawing a line through the centre of the screen), they’re reasonably difficult to recapture in the middle of a hectic fight.

I want to work toward enemy bullets. I have ideas for simple droid platforms that shoot when the player is within a certain radius (maybe twin-versions that have two platforms connected by a stick, each with independent radii), and a straight-flying, straight-shooting small droid that will recoil and spin randomly on firing, then start flying in the new direction.

With lots of droids, I’ll probably want to build a droid carrier…

I’m thinking, enemies of all kinds can have ablative mass, shields, guns, engines, dangerous debris… but the type of enemy will tend to indicate which of those it has. Asteroids would have ablative mass and dangerous debris sometimes, droids might have no ablative mass but shields, guns, engines in varying degrees. Fighters would have shields, guns, engines together. Biologicals might have spore-shots that occasionally grow new biologicals, ablative mass that regenerates…