Bullet System Universalized

Another step in my drive to universalize as many of the elements as possible. Shots aren’t just things players can do, now, which means I can have enemies that shoot, and I can have different types of shots. The world expands. Etc.

I’ve overhauled the bullet system and brought it back to apparent parity, except I can add new bullets the way I add new enemies and powerups, and shooting/recoil can be done by anything—not just the player.

Shots also have trail details and a shield-damage multiplier, so the next stop will be the shield overhaul.

I’ve also created the asterdroid_gunner_small sprites, and am looking forward to testing it out as the game’s first shooter.

Geoff test-played tonight and suggested:

  • Powerups shouldn’t disappear on leaving the screen (or at least, should persist across one void transit)
  • Powerups shouldn’t be shootable
  • Powerups should seek better (I’ll use steering towards the player’s vector, rather than the player)

I agree.